The Ae-Line, Red Route

Ae is physically challenging. It's a hard slog with a few rewarding table-tops and fun descents - however in my opinion, not enough rewards for all your hard work. When the trail first opened it was smooth and really fast, with massive berms to keep your speed up on the corners, and was a thrilling experience. Now however the weather and erosion have taken their toll. Because it's so eroded and rocky it's hard to get any kind of speed on the majority of it. If however you’re into mountain biking for fitness, it's a great workout. Being close to Dumfries, around 9 or 10 miles away, you can cycle out on the quiet backroad for a little extra exercise. The highlight is the second part of the last section - ‘The Omega Man’ which is brilliant if you're brave enough to ride it how it's meant to be ridden. It's a downhill as fast as you dare 'big air' jumpathon - probably more suited to 4 cross and downhillers. If you’re into that kind of adrenaline pumping fun, ‘The Omega Man’ section is a blast and is well recommended.

Overall, I would definitely say Ae is worth a visit. The scenery and views are spectacular and 'The Omega Man' should be experienced at least once.

Rating 6/10

Omega Man


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