I found there to be a lack of Dumfries and Galloway based cycling websites on the internet. Therefore, I built my own one to share my routes and knowledge with you.

I have been a keen cyclist for donkeys years now. My main pursuit having been mountain biking (trails). Recently I've turned into a bit of a roadie, although I participate in both.

On this site you will find all my favourite road routes and mountain bike trails, with an unbiased review on each one.

I hear many people complaining that Dumfries is a dump and that it's gone downhill, and there's nothing to do here etc... If you're a cyclist however, you're blessed. We are in the heart of mountain biking country, with the '7 Stanes Trail Centres' all nearby. And we have some excellent cycling roads on our doorstep with fantastic scenery and attractions - You just need to get out and see it. And in my opinion the best way's by bike!

Dumfries Cycling

Dumfries Cycling

General Advice

You don't want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere unprepared. Always take water, money, an extra layer, tool kit, puncture repair kit, extra tube, pump, shades or glasses, a mobile phone and a snack.

Learn how to Service and maintain your own bike(s), you can't always rely on your LBS to get it right. Avoid Dumfries Cycle Paths, they're littered with glass and other nasty stuff. The red cycle lanes on the side of the road can sometimes be dangerous. You aren't obliged to use this lane, so if you feel safer in the traffic lane, use it. Watch out for pot-holes and beware - sometimes puddles conceal them. Never assume a motorist sees you, make eye contact with them at junctions and make sure they spot you. Cycle confidently, and be courteous to all road users...including taxi and bus drivers :-)