Glentress is the most popular trail centre in Scotland. The car park is always full, and there are always plenty of people on the trails. It’s a 5 mile climb, followed by a 5 mile descent. On the way up, take a break and have a play around in the jump park, you can build your jumpy confidence up here. The table tops and jumps range from easy peasy right up to pretty scary.
 The Spooky Wood is the highlight of the course. It's a downhill bermy jumpy fun descent that lasts for around 5 minutes. It's not very technical, but if you dare to go as fast as you can it's a blast. We generally do this section 2 or 3 times before carrying on. The pie run follows, which is equally exciting, followed by an excellent choice of black, red or blue runs all the way to the bottom.
Because it’s not very technical, it’s very busy and you tend to get a lot of novices on the trail. Some riders are very slow, which means you get stuck behind them on fast descents, which is really frustrating - especially on the spooky wood.

Overall however, it’s highly recommended.

Rating 9/10

Trail Map