Kiroughtree black route

Kirroughree is the jewel in the '7 Stanes' crown. It really does have everything a trail rider could ask for. It's a longish one, being 19 miles or so, the rewards are plentiful with chutes, fast flowing descents, rock gardens and drop-offs which are all incredibly good fun if you put the right head on in the morning. The highlight for most is 'McMoab', a massive piece of rock stuck in the middle of nowhere that techie people like to cycle on. It's a technical feat and more difficult than it looks. Many people are caught out here, losing control or being thrown over their handlebars. You can choose to exit McMoab down a near vertical chute, or chicken around this (which the majority of us do). There’s also a challenging climb aptly named 'heartbreak hill' around midway to keep you nice and fit :-)

Take note; it's pronounced 'Kirrotrie' by the locals, or so my brother tells me anyway.

Rating 10/10


Les's Rock

A whole lot of fun to be had on Black Craigs!



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