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Lochfoot Run.

Direction: Out Castle Douglas Rd, Return Dalbeattie Rd.

Distance: 10 miles.

If you don't have much time on your hands and need a good blast, this route's just the job. Overall this route is very low in traffic, especially the cycle up 'The Glen', a slight gradient ascent all the way up to Lochfoot. You can easily use your cranks big ring all the way. Then once you hit the junction just before Lochfoot the fun begins. From here it's undulating with some absolute belter descents all the way down to the Dalbeattie road. And the fun doesn't end there - Cargenbridge is a 30mph zone. If your pedalling well enough you'll need to slow down to adhere to the speed limit ;-)

Rating 9/10


The last few minutes of the lochfoot run. My approach to Cargenbridge on this occasion was extremely annoying.

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