Shaun Harper


The Phoenix Trail, Red Route

Distance 11 miles

Mabie has a little bit of everything. Classic single track, rooty natural sections, trail centre roller coaster berms, the odd 'black' balance beam, chutes and drop offs. It's a short course around 11 miles long but it's an extremely fun packed 11 miles. It's technically fairly easy, but the harder you go, the harder it gets - so if your into big speed - Mabie can be adrenaline pumping fun. I’ve read here and there that Mabie's best left until it's dry to ride. Where that may be true for the Namby Pambies who fear mud and the odd slippery rock and root, that’s certainly not the case. Mabie is brilliant fun in all weather conditions. And if your from Dumfries, it's only a 5 mile cycle on a flat(ish) road warm up before you begin. I’ve been riding this trail for many years, long before it was trail centered. And I have to say, it's still my favorite trail - and what a bonus - it's only 5 miles from my door!

Update 3 March 13

I cycled this course today on my newly built hardtale. Had an absolute blast. The recently modified big berms on the lower half of the descender bender are a fantastic addition to the trail.


Rating 9/10



Trail Map